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1848 Winery is based
on a rich heritage.

The 1848 winery tells the story of both the history of Jerusalem and of Israeli wine. It also tells the story of the Galina-Shor family that passed the traditions of a family winery, from grandfather to son, and son to grandson, from generation to generation, since 1848 until today.


1848 Winery produces handcrafted
wines, from the finest vineyards.

1848 Winery produces wine in different styles,
from a wide variety of grape varieties, at different price points.


100% Chardonnay  

90% Cabernet Franc 6% Petit Verdot 4% Merlot

100% Agraman Single Vineyard

92% Cabernet Sauvignon 4% Petite Sirah 4% Merlot

The story & heritage
of 1848 Winery

1st Generation
Winery founded by Yitzhak Galina-Shor in the Old City of Jerusalem.
2nd Generation
First wine bar – wine shop opened in Old City by Rosa Shor.
3rd generation
After nearly 80 years in Old City, the winery moved to Western Jerusalem.
4th generation
The Shor brothers were amongst first to bottle & label wines.
5th generation
Under Avraham Meir Shor, the winery was renamed Zion Winery.
6th generation
The winery grew in size and moved to the outskirts of Jerusalem.
7th generation
Winery invested new technology, & became the 6th largest in Israel.
8th generation
Yossi Shor planted new vineyards and founded 1848 Winery.
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